Little activity on Youtube

Job Description :

  1. Click here: 
  2. After complete the shortlink you redirect the Youtube website.
  3. In the YouTube search bar, enter the query "Test your brain power"
  4. And find the video as shown in the screenshot (screenshot:
  5. Subscribe the channel
  6. Like (thumbs up) the video
  7. Write a Comment on topic of the video
  8. Go to the video and watch it for 30-50 seconds.
A lot of people send wrong screenshots, I reject such works, 
don’t be alarmed if anything happens)

Send screenshots:
  1. where it is clear that you perform a task
  2. your youtube username in the required field (no screen)
  3. I will check otherwise not approved.

Enter The Required Proof Of Job Finished:

Allowed File Extensions: jpeg,jpg,png

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