Effective as of Aug 30, 2013, welcome to TaskTopus, a micro-level web service connecting employers and workers. TaskTopus and its affiliates ("us," "we," "TaskTopus," "site," or "TaskTopus.com"). Your use of the TaskTopus Service constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use ("Terms"). We may modify these Terms at our discretion without notice, and your continued use implies acceptance of any changes.


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TaskTopus Service is for users 18 years and older.

**Registration; Account Security**

Maintain accurate user data when registering, and ensure account security. Do not share passwords; report any security concerns promptly.

**Prohibited Conduct**

Users must not impair TaskTopus's functionality, use automated tools, send unauthorized ads, harvest user information, engage in illegal activities, or create multiple accounts.

**User Content**

Users must not post illegal content, violate intellectual property rights, share private information, engage in scams, or post harmful material.

**IP Complaints**

Respect others' intellectual property. Report any infringement, and we'll promptly address it.

**Your Privacy Practices**

Respect third-party privacy on TaskTopus; obtain user consent when collecting, accessing, or using their information.

**Ownership; Proprietary Rights**

All materials on TaskTopus are owned by TaskTopus or its licensors, protected by IP laws. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


Grant TaskTopus a license to use and distribute user-generated content. Users may place TaskTopus buttons on their websites for user attraction.

**TaskTopus Agreement Policy**

Agree to the terms and conditions by creating or logging into your TaskTopus account. Non-rated tasks auto-close in 7 days.


TaskTopus provides information and services "AS IS," with no warranties. Users are responsible for software downloaded from the site.


User submissions to TaskTopus are non-confidential and non-proprietary. TaskTopus may use submissions without acknowledgment or compensation.


Credit payments and service fees are non-refundable. Unused credits are refundable with applicable withdrawal fees within 1 year.


TaskTopus is not a licensed financial institution. Users acknowledge this and appoint TaskTopus as their agent for fund transfers.

**Inactive Accounts**

Inactive Accounts incur a fee. TaskTopus reserves the right to cancel Inactive Accounts with a nil or negative balance.


Users are responsible for chargebacks; TaskTopus may reverse payments subject to chargeback.

**Insufficient funds in Accounts**

If there are insufficient funds, TaskTopus may collect amounts owed through legal means.


Users are responsible for applicable taxes, added to fees if required.

**User Disputes; Complaints**

TaskTopus is not responsible for third-party content or actions. Users release TaskTopus from claims related to user interactions.


Users agree to indemnify TaskTopus Entities for claims arising from their use of TaskTopus.

**General Disclaimers**

TaskTopus Service is used at your own risk, without warranties. TaskTopus is not responsible for third-party materials.

**Limitation on Liability**

TaskTopus Entities are not liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages. Liability is limited to the amount paid to TaskTopus or $100, whichever is greater.

**Termination and Changes to the TaskTopus Service**

TaskTopus may terminate accounts and change the service at any time without notice.


Claims and disputes are resolved through binding arbitration in Texas, governed by Texas law.

**Governing Law; Venue and Jurisdiction**

Texas law governs claims and disputes, with exclusive jurisdiction in Texas courts.


Communication is in English. These Terms constitute the entire agreement.


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